26 January 2011

Illustrator tutorial: way to make 3D disco ball (another style)

Please understand that in this tutorial is focusing on how to make a 3D Ball not on lighting and shining. If every one need coloring and shining please try to make some adjustment to the color.

Create a New Document and then create a Rectangular shape size 5cm x 5cm fill it with bright radial gradient. Then Rasterize your image by go to the top menu ==> Object ==>Rasterize and just clik “ok”

Now go to the Filter==>Create ==>Object Mosaic and play with numbers there. Let's make some option as below:
New size: 5 cm for both width and height
Tile spacing = 0 cm for both width and height
Number of Tiles =30 (again for both)
Check ‘Delete Raster’ box.
Now we’ve got a nicemosaic.

Select the rectangular and drag and drop it into the Symbols panel.
Now create a circle (1) fill in the same gradient and make a copy of it fill in blue color (2). And make other object as you can see in (3). Let's join together within number (2) + (3) and press Ctrl + Shift + F9 (Pathfinder) and select Subtract from Sharp Area and you will get number (4)

After that use number (4) to make 3D Ball go to Effect menu =>3D =>Revolve. Change numbers there following the picture below, change Surface to “No Shading” and go to the Map Art.

In the Map Art window in the drop down menu choose your mosaic symbol we created before. Icrease or decrease its size if necessary. Make sure your surface is align your symbol. See below image

Now go to the Object =>Expand Appearance.
Ungroup this ball (Ctrl + Shift + G) or right click => ungroup do like this 3 times and select the side ball to remove it away.
Select a circle we made before in number (1) revert gradient style and different colro after that go to Transparancy tab (left side bar) select Blending Mode as Darken, put it close to our 3D ball and align together.
Release Cliping Mask and Ungroup agian. So now it’s time to use your imagination to make our disco ball looks more shiny and real.
Just keep doing what we have do and edit colors play with other tile till you got your colorfull desing.

Now lets add some star light on the ball make it more shining by drawing 4 part of stars for our finall result.

I know that it was not colorfull enough I hope every one can give me some idea to make it nice and lighter then. So let's share..


  1. This looks great! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Nice presentation. It's really a tips to do this.

  3. Thank you please enjoy more tutorials here.