19 August 2010

Creative LOGO Effect (Creatve Layer Logo) in Photoshop

In this tutorial, we’re going to create some really sharp-looking glow effects using a combination of layer styles, the Pen Tool and Color Blending. The end effect is quite stunning and hopefully you’ll pick up some tips you didn’t know before.
Let's begin with a radial gradient. This one is pretty harsh and goes from a reddish brown color to black

so what we’ll do is duplicate the layer we just made and set the one above to a blending mode of Color Dodge. There are a few types of blending modes, darkening ones, lightening ones, colorizing ones and inverting ones. Color Dodge is probably the strongest of the lightening ones. As you can see in the screenshot, it produces a pretty full-on center.

create a sort of smoky haze. To do this, create a new layer, then make sure you have white, #ffffff, and black, #000000, selected as your background and foreground colors. Then go to Filter > Render > Clouds.

set the opacity of your layer to Overlay and 30% transparency. In some instances this would be enough,
So go to Filter > Sketch > Chrome and use default settings of 4 and 7 for detail and smoothness respectively. Actually you can probably mess around with those if you want, but the defaults seem to be fine.
Once it is done then you have to make it as a layer mask. The reason to do this is to make our background in a cycle way and middle. Just  got to Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal all and set up your foreground color in black and go again to your Gradient tool (G) and set its option as foreground to transparent as below image then you will have result.

Now before we can start making glows, we need to have something to glow. Here’s where we break out the pen tool. If you have used the pen tool much I suggest playing around with it a little. There are some tricky things you can do with shortcuts, but for this tutorial you don’t need those.
In fact all we want to achieve are some nice curves. Fortunately this isn’t too hard. I find the trick is not to use too many points. Instead rely on the Pen Tool’s natural curving and drag the mouse out for each point so you get a big angle. In this S-curve shown above, I’ve only used three points, the starting point, the end point and one in between to give it the bend. So start up your Pen tool now (P) to draw latter C.

Make it as a new layer and go to your Brush option to select a brush
Then come back to Pen tool again and right click select Stroke Path and you will see a drop down menu which is ask you to select what kind of Stroke Path you like. Then we go for Brush.
After select this Stroke Path as Brush give some effect through the Layer Style as below option
Here we got it as latter C effect.
Draw another latter L and copy latter C layer style. I have not attache this image for you in the mean time if you are doubt on it please drop me a comment below there to get this image.

As you know my site is named Creatve Layer One Stop Creative Design Resource. That's why I choose latter C and L.
Well now start up you brush option go to brush tool > brush option then set it as below:
Press T to start typing text. I use CREATIVE you can use yours due to your aim. Then give its style.
Here we got it as a nice creative. I know in below image you can see some lighting dot along the C and L line and around Creative Text. Do not wonder it is what our brush set up its option just now. Once you finish your effect to the text. Then select Brush Tool and start to brush with the same affect you gave to Creative Text.
This is the last step I can say to you. Press T again and type ONE STOP to place it on the top left of Creative and DESIGN RESOURCE to place it bottom right of Creative and both text make sure you give the same as Creative Effect. Then below is your result.
I know some of you might want to say some things over here. Please drop me a comment due to your thought and share up you idea to me. Thanks have a nice day.