28 September 2010

Vector 3D Star Icon Design in Illustrator

Hi every one as in my previous post I did to mention some of the 3D Tool both in Photoshop and Illustrator. And now I like to show you another easy way to make a 3D star Icon in Illustrator as you see it below.
Start up your Illustrator now and make a new document size 10 x 10 cm. Then select Rounded Rectangle Tool then draw this below.
Back to Star Tool draw it in the middle of Rounded object (please remember to make copy of this Star Object you might need to use it after this). Press Ctrl+Shift+F9 to view the PathFinder or if you want to remember it just go=> Window menu => PathFinder. Select both of these object (Rounded and star) and press Exclude Overlapping Sharp Areas and press expand right after these 2 objects become one object.
Alright now we have a rounded object which is star whole in the middle. Make it 3D go => Effect Menu => 3D => Extrude and Bavel
A dialog is appeared once you select as what I told you. You don't have to edit it all just seethe red cycle 22 green -26 blue 8 and the Extrude Depth is 20
Then here is the 3D Star Rounded.
Remember I told you to copy the Star Object. Now it is time to use and do it the same way as above option. After you done it duplicate this Star into 2 and expand one of it. For me I use left object and hide the right one. To do that just follow here. Select left star object and go to Object Menu=> Expand Appearance.

Then un-group it all or just double click and delete 3D shadow of this star. Let's name it a Black Star.

With this Black Star please un-fill its color (just leave it blank) and apply the Black Star Stroke in white color.

Go to Object Menu=>Path=>Offset Path... We make this Offset Path is to resize its stroke in a fit size of a star. Sorry because my English is still poor. Some of you might not understand please contact me via my email at chetsary@gmail.com or drop me a comment.

Here our 3D Star Rounded result.

Now you will see some style to make the 3D Star Rounded appear clearly. To do that just select the 3D Star Rounded (except the white star stroke). Expand it now go to Object Menu => Expand Appearance. Double click and select the All 3D Shadow => Ctrl+Shift+F9 in the Pathfinder box => Add to shape area do like this is to merge that Shadow to become 1 Shadow then Gradient in a bit black color. Same way to front part of the Star.

Open up the right 3D which we had hired it and using the same way of making 3D Style and option. Style as what you want. The below is the final result.

How do you enjoy this post. I know it is a simple design but every one must start from the beggining. Have you say somethings yet to this tutorial. Drop me a comment and subscripe to my comment to get my latest reply. Thanks for tuning and keep stay back to me.