30 August 2010

Awesome fire effect for 3D text (Photoshop)

This tutorial is going to be a little more advanced than the other ones I have done. It shouldn’t be a problem if you have been following along with our other tutorials or have a grasp of Photoshop. As my previous post I also shown on How to Create a Stunning Fire Effect In Photoshop . So lets begin.
Open up your Adobe Photoshop and make a new document (Ctrl + N) size: 10cm x 10 cm resolution : 72pixel and black background color.

Press T to start typing text. Type F in the meaning of FIRE. Just look to the right of your work space you will see a new layer of this latter F then right click on it => Rasterize Layer. Do like this your text will become an object and do remember that once you Rasterize it can not be re-edit as text.

Transform this F and right click again => Distort then try to make this F as seen in below image.

Then download this image. We will use it from now as a background and fire effect and name it as BACKGROUND IMAGE.
After download finish bring it into your work place and make a copy by select this image all and Ctrl + C.
Load latter F selection now press Ctrl + Shift + V to pass the image as a layer mask.
Here we got
Press Pen Tool to start draw 3D.
Draw this 3D until you finish. Then it should be look like this
Merge all layer together (select all layer and Ctrl +E). Look to your layer and adjust the color to Linear Light
Then you 3D latter F will look like below
Use the background image this time and put a layer mask and Ctrl + U to adjust color into it as seen. If you're all are misunderstanding this part please leave me below comment or contact me for my fatest reply.
Alright now what to do?
Use your Pen Tool again but this time we are making shadow of latter F. To make it easy way just copy this merge latter F and give a black color on it then => Filter => Blur => Guassian Blur
Do the same to all latter as we F now continuous to I, R, E and place those latter some thing nicely.
It is time to make some fire effect and it should be the last step. Download these fire and bring all to your work place.

Let take one of it and make layer mask to cut all black background. It is hard for me to make you understand Because my English is poor so I hardly to write this Layer Mask but you can leave me a comment and subscribe to this comment so when I reply you will get it as my explaining is there.
Once you have done it. Take other fire image and play it in the same style of layer mask to what you think is nice to your design then you will have a result like this.
Remember to leave me a comment below for your question to me. But if you are enjoying this post and grab my full experience of this post DON'T FORGET TO SAY THANK.