12 May 2010

Illustrator with Big Bass

As what I used to mention since my first post to this blog. I am a bigger to the Creative Job and Like DESIGN. But I rally using the Illustrator. What I do is what I have learn through. If you are a daily visiting to this blog you might learn like me too, why? because you are the same to me. Don't forget to share me how you opinion is through my comment box. Please be remember that this tutorial is main on Ellipse Tools.
Write your email to me if you like your tutorials to be post here chetsary@gmail.com.

Let's make a new by size: 15 x 10 cm and Gradient as a simple one.
Now press L draw 2 objects rounding and go to window menu to show up a pathfinder dialogue. Cut out the middle one and give another Gradient as image.
Using Ellipse Tool again draw another rounding object and style as Gradient.
Copy and past that round object but give it a stroke without any color filing inside.
Re-copy it or you can do it by press Ctrl + C and Ctrl + F to past it front. Make it the same as image Gradient again.
Ha ha seems all are use with Ellipse Tool. Make a small rounding
and this one. Finally you got a speck face to you.
Then use a Line segment tool to make a line by giving 5pt stroke in white color.
Make that line into 2 and press to rotate by holding you Ctrl key until you think you like the spacing of it.
Once you did it duplicate the line as rounding and move it to the back of the speaker object.
Go to the Transparency dialogue or again get the Windows Menu press Transparency. Just simple give the Gradient then it will hide your line a bit.
It is time to make some light on. You will see the Flare Tool. Make it as small as you like and drag it into a symbol dialogue. If you like to see where is the symbol dialogue just go to Windows menu then find it.
Once you drag it to the symbol dialogue. Use the Symbol Sprayer tools to spray the light.
After spraying here we have the speaker.