18 February 2010

Create a poster with Adobe Photoshop


Create new document with size W: 1181 pixels H:1181 pixels and resolution is up to you as long that your computer goes fast for your design. for me I put 300 pixels.
when you got a new document then straight away give a black color background on it. Using this image to make it happen for your deign.


if you like your image you also can do that. Now start write some wording on the black background and do the same like me. 


I understand that my image is hardly to see but to make you more understanding you have to type your own word as a phrase and make it full of your black background in different color like what you have seen. Make sure all wording is merged together become one layer. Then start take the image above all layer. 


using your pen tool to draw mouth and copy that mouth into new layer by press Clt+J


Then move the image down below all layer.
Final just type text and make it like image.
Don't forget to leave a comment because I like to receive comment it can make me more hopeful to make up my mine for a new thinking. Evey one can suggest me over there. Then start sharing through facebook and twitter. Thanks