20 April 2010

Simple way to make a wall clock with Illustrator

See the above clock. Just one look if you are fluent in Illustator you will say it is very easy but if some one are new to it and it now is a beginning tips to try. So why have to wait. Let's do it.

Simple way only to do and we don't use much tool and style.

Let's press L to make a clock and Gradient
No need to press L again and redraw this cycle. The easy way is hold key Clrt + C to copy and hold Clrt + F to past it in front. Here we got
again copy and past then leave a style
Same copy here but this time you have to go Effect menu and select stylize then Inner Glow. Follow the image option.
Make a small rounding in the middle of the clock.
and make small cycle to cover our Inner Glow shadow.
It is time to make a timer sign. We have 12 hours so the timer sign also have 12.
Copy it by 30 degree each then press Clrt + D to duplicate with same space.
Here we got the 12 time signage.
Now draw a time pointer. Remember Red is for second, Gray is for Minutes and Black is for Hour.
Last one is make a top shadow shining inside the clock by drawing and give only 30% opacity.
Finally here the clock.
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