31 January 2011

Illustrator tutorial: Vector background

Well it was difficult for me to think and created this vector background. It might easy if you only one look into it but the way to design it you might understand how it process. So please do not scroll down yet you can tell me how many steps would you do on this design?

Let me recap to you, will do only 3 basic steps. 1) the Mesh background, 2) Vector style and 3) Dot style. See below details and steps you will clearly understand it and be able to design yourself.

Step 1: Make a Mesh background.
Create a new document size: 5cm x 5cm and fill in black color. Get your Mesh Tool (U) ready.
In this below image you have to do as follow:
- Adjust your document in CMYK
- Align you foreground in pink ( you can use your own color)
- Click on the black background as given above.  
Keep on doing this Mesh background till it become like this.
Step 2: Use Rectangle Tool (M) make a long object and a square object. Align together and cutting a shape object with Pathfinder by press Ctrl + Shift + F9 and choose Intersect Shape Areas.
Change the Document into RGB. Fill in Gradient with details Type: Linear, Angle: 45 and in the Transparency tap Blending mode: Color Dodge.

then keep repeat the same adjustment. In the long way of using Rectangle Tool (M), Pathfinder, Gradient and Transparency
As mention above please keep on doing and repeat the action of this object until you finally get below image. But one thing you must change it while doing this. The Angle of Grandient above part is 45 and below part is 135. Or you can use your own style and color.
Step 3: Use Ellipse Tool (L) drawing a cycle object and fill in black and white Gradient then align as Screen in the Transparency tab.
Just last step make this object small and big and past it here and there full of the background image. Then finally your result is a nice Vector background.
Thank you for your time and tuning for my tutorial. After you read through I would ask for your comment as below to support my job and share it to your friends. I still have more to posts. If you are not able or misunderstanding this tutorials just post here.


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