23 December 2010

Create a Christmas Card in Illustrator

Base on the above image you will feel some think. Well don't think it is hard to do but it is exacltly easy to do it. Let's follow me and try out your design from step to step as below:
Step 1: create new document and Gradient as below image option
Step 2: get your pen tool ready (press P) and drawing this snowflake as seen here.
Step 3: now use this snowflake just transform in a line and cycle it below as a Christmas thing. Remember to make it different size like big here small there....
Step 4: after this copy this snowflake into 3 different object.
and do like below image as well. Only make it in different places. Big here small there.
Step 5: Use Ellipse tool to draw cycle object and apply Gradient style & Transparency as below
Do copy and follow below image.
This one also. I hope it is easy to understand for as I don't have to explain much of it but if you still have question please drop me a comment below.
Step 6: Once every cycle object is done. Now again drawing another cycle but do not fill in any color but yet a stroke color in brown and 1pt. See below option.
Then do copy again and again.
Step 7: now making a shining for the snowflake. Use Ellipse Tool and drawing apply for Gradient. Then on the Transparency tab we make a layer make style. Adjust here ==> Screen style   and opacity: 100% then go to Gradient again adjust the type of Radial coloring in white and red. See below
You did it all and copy to some where else of the snowflake to make your snowflake more shiner then finally you got the result as below.

Thanks for joining us I understand that my design to you is not enought yet. I would like to ask if you have any things wanna say please do it in my comment box below: All your comment will keep me update and also improve my Creative. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.