15 February 2010

How to create animation jumping wording in Photoshop

Well every one are there I would say this is my first post to this blog. Sure I won't copy from other but I have learn from them. See my animation here Thanks to all my friends which is support me. And now I am going to share my idea on How to make the animation with photoshop either you want to use old vison or CS2, CS3 and CS4 but you might easy undestand with my full explaination.

Start now
Step 1: Create a new layer with size: W:10 cm and H: 5 cm why I use cm here because my country hardly to used pixel and inches.

Then you will have a new document as what you have created.
Step 2: use your Horizontal Type Tool (T) to type some wording on your document. What ever you like for me use my word such as FREE SPACE ADS and color it in red see the image below.


Step 3: Duplicate this wording layer in to 4 layers and color it in different type I use Red, Blue, Green and Pink and hide it by click the eye of top layer.


 Step 4: now it is time to make a animation. Let's see on the top of menu click on Meny=>animation


Then start to create the job now. Ok we got this


Step 5: click on duplicate selected frames on the animation box as shown and unhidden the blow wording which is the 2nd layer.
do like this until you finish the 4 wording of the 4th layer with all 4 coloring. But make sure when you duplicate the select frames you have to unhidden one by one can not unhide it the same time. It can but it might make you confusing and redo and waist your time.
Step 6: After all we will have all layer and animation frames like this.


the animation is almost finish only one more step. So what is that? Yes just arrange the time for running only. Now just click on the animation frames where you will see the time select on it. For me I use only 0.2 second but if you like you can use late then this. 


Final step: just save it by select file menu and save for web & devices or you can use a short cut like Ctl + Atl + Shitf + S and when the dialogue comes you have to adjust your saving by make it forever running. See the image.


Here is our result.

I hope you will enjoy this first post and share it away to your friend and kindly leave a comment to me. Thanks and let's enjoy more tutorials from me as soon.