20 December 2010

Abstract new year 2011 colorful design in illustration

Christmas is coming on your way with a greatness happiness, healthy, gold and monies. This design is another knowledge which I learned from other vector graphic. To start this you have to understand and imagine how the design goes. Let's start create a new document gaven a black background.

Type 2011 by choosing a nice font or what ever which you think it is the best.
Outline this font by just right click on it and select create outline
Then we have to offset path just make sure you are on the outline object and go to Object menu ==> Path ==> Offset Path...

The Offset Path dialogue is appeared then adjust it as Offset: 0.04cm, Joins: Miter and Miter limit: 4 then press OK.
After this you have 2 2010 object. Select the 2nd object and Gradient as below image.

Press the 1st object and give another Gradient style as seen.
Finally the New Year 2011 is starting to appear.
Press L to draw cycle object and again Gradient it as: Type: Radial color with a pink and adjust it as seen. After all the transparency as Scree.
Backward that object and make another color with the same adjusted. By following below image you will know how to do.
Press L again and redraw a small cycle object in white color. Duplicate in full of black background and group it. Then go to the Transparency tab choose overlay. and backward.
The last step is make a shadow of 2011 and add some lighten start on it the below is the result.
Have you say thanks yet if you enjoy this tutorial. I know some might a bit difficult but give yourself a try. I know every one can be better then this tutorials. Please share us.