21 June 2010

Brush tool with Illustrator

Is was so long and take time to post as I was thinking on how to create new creative idea. Even I know all my post it won't appear much more technique but at least some one who are reading now may learn through. Well this tip if focus on Brush tool. The rest of design are in side the trick as we can start with below simple way. Create new vertical doc and style it as a Gradient as seen in below image.
make a 3D present box. You can use what box you like or the same as this one. If you have trouble on how to make it. I did post this trick with details to make it nicer. You may find out it here as it a Pen Tool tips
Get a Line Segment Tool to draw a line given black.
Make it into 2 or you can duplicate.
once you done the copy just now. Press Ctrl + D to duplicate all line. This part of duplicate you can find out more over here it was a great way to make some shine and technique.

Make it as a clipping mask. Why do we have to do that? Well to make this clipping mask it to make our object is shown in part which we want it to appear. Just follow this step you will see how understand you are to this tips. 
  • Move your line the back of the background object. 
  • Use Rectangular Tool to draw as the same as background or copy that background.
  • Select line object together with new background object
  • Right click on it and select Make Clipping Mask as shown with below image.
Here we got after the Clipping mask. Ok now give a Gradient style on that mask. I think you might do it well better then me. Show off your design now.
I might want to change the background color. I feel the red is guide good to my present box. You can remain the same background.
Type a Mystery on top of the object and make it outlines by just right click and select Create Outlines. Go to your brushes dialogue and select on brush which you think is best to use.
Here result of the brush which is this tip focus on. Yet to finish make some light on it as below.
Use Flare Tool to make light. Step of it as below:
  • Select Flare Tool.
  • Draw it on the object and re size it as smaller as you like and name it as a light shine.
  • Drag that light shine to Symbol dialogue normally it stay at the right of the work space.
  • Make sure you are on the light shine symbol and make it spray by using Symbol sprayer tools.
  • Start to spray it.

And finally we got a nice brush with shining background as below result.