02 April 2010

How to create fashion girl light background

how to create a fashion light behind a sexy lady. It is very simple but if you are new to the this style don't worry I try to explain with my best to make you easily understand. Go to google home page and try to search for a fashion girl with black background or if you like you can download the above image from here.
The above image is the original image. To make the background all black, take you clone stamp tool or press S on your keyboard.
Then copy the black background by press Alt + left click (mouse) and stamp to the image of the girl. Try to make the image into this. 
Then press M but use Elliptical Marquee tool make cycle and color on it. If you don't like to you can color it later. So in this tutorial I color it later. Mean I make it

Make a duplicate of this layer. Or you just press Clrl + J it will copy and create an new automatic layer. Then transform it by press Ctrl + T. Use your scroll arrow key to move it on a posible space. And start duplicate by press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + T. Do like this your image is spacing guide good and straight. Then do the same as imaga below.
Do not merge all layer. You have to remember. Ok now give color to these layer. 

Opp this time it might spend a bit time to make it nicer. Let's opecity all one by one untill it finish and after you finish it. Take someof the layer by giving some style. 

And copy it to other layer as many as you like. See the result.

 Next post I will make all light into animation. Don't forget to stay back with me by subscribe to my feed. And kindness share through your comment. Thanks