06 December 2010

Create a Christmas Tree in Adobe Photoshop

This year going to end by this December. That's the reson I decide to share you this tutorial. To create this Christmast Tree I mainly using Brush Tool, Pen Tool and Custom Sharp Tool. Base on this it might be not creative enough shall I need your idea to improve my creative as well so after you read through and try yourself please show me what is your thought.
Let start with:
Step 1: Open your Photoshop and make a new document size 10cm x 10cm resolution 72 pixels. Make a new background color with Gradient style as seen below
Step 2: Using Pen Tool (U) and start drawing a Christmas Tree and color it with back.
Step 3: Using Brush Tool to brush the start which is related to Christmas Theme and adjust with below option.

Step 4: Make sure you have create new layer (Ctrl+Shift+N) and your foreground is white before you start to brush.
 You can adjust size of the stars and hide the black tree and press U to add a big star above the tree in white as well. Here it is.

Step 5: Using Custom Sharp Tool (U). Look for cycle like below object and draw it in white color where your white star is.

Step 6: I know some of you are regularly ready all my post. I always mention on how to make a layer mask like How to make a fire effect and How to create an effective logo and more about Photoshop style but yet if this is your first time I would warmly welcome.

Well to start this layer mask please look to your layer pallet the below there are shortcut and see below image you will understand
Once you press it mean you are on the way to make a mask on a layer so make sure you are on what layer you want to make a mask. Adjust you foreground and background in black and white. Press G (Gradient) and see the Gradient option just follow as what I did
Then  go to your tree and start mask it as you seen in below image to your result.

 Step 7: Using Pen Tool (P) to draw a tree again. Do like this you star will become real tree.
Step 8: Look back to use the Custom Sharp Tool (U) and look for a Christmas snow path.
 Give white color to the snow and only 40% opacity. And here your last result.
Hope you feel good with it and enjoy your design. Change background or style as you will or drop me a comment if you have doubt.


  1. Anonymous7/12/10 14:55

    oh this is very gud i've liked it
    thnks frnd

  2. @Anonymous
    Thanks I wish you a very good and enjoy your Christmas day::) :D

  3. nice tutorial! I'll try it

  4. im a begineer to photoshop.. will try this. thanks

  5. Nice and interesting design. thanks for the tutorial.